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Thorough Investigators For Your Civil Defense

If you are on the receiving end of a suspicious insurance claim, you need to realize one thing: the right outcome will not happen on its own. You will need the help of a law firm with the resources and manpower to mount a thorough investigation and gather evidence to help you prevail. If your case’s jurisdiction is in California, look no further than Powers Miller Attorneys at Law for the investigation and representation you need.

Our Special Investigation Unit Experience

We have significant experience representing insurance companies in cases related to medical and property loss claims, including those made in the midst of suspicious circumstances. You can rely on our knowledgeable attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation and examine all relevant evidence. This will serve your interests in multiple ways and provide you with additional protection. For example, an investigation could confirm your suspicions about the fraudulent nature of the claim and provide an opportunity to take aggressive action. If it turns out a claim is being made in good faith, the evidence uncovered in the investigation can be used to build the strongest possible case for your defense.

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