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Tveretinov v. Trone – Sacramento County

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2003 | Results

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Brian tried Tveretinov v. Trone in Sacramento County. Brian’s client rear-ended the plaintiff who said he was stopped at the end of a line of cars waiting for a red light at the intersection ahead. Brian’s client testified that the plaintiff made a sudden stop for no reason and that the line of cars was at least 100 yards in front of where the plaintiff stopped. The plaintiff’s only treatment was from a chiropractor and the bills were $2,800. The defense made no offer to settle the case and

Brian argued that the accident was the plaintiff’s fault and he was not injured. The jury found for the plaintiff and awarded the full amount of the chiropractic bills, but only $2,600 in general damages and also found that the plaintiff was 11% negligent.