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Fullbright v. Bell – Dismissal for Waiver of Costs – El Dorado County

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | Results

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On November 13, 2014, Mr. Bowley closed this matter which concerned personal injuries alleged by Regina Fullbright following a car accident in a Starbucks parking lot on January 13, 2012.  Fullbright alleged in her suit that Gordon’s clients had backed into her vehicle causing injuries to her head, neck, left shoulder and back.  As a result of the collision, Fullbright’s vehicle sustained damages totaling $646.71, however, the damage was so minimal, plaintiff never repaired the vehicle after the accident. 

While the plaintiff alleged she experienced pain at the scene, she did not present to any doctors until the next day when she went to the hospital.  After several visits to the hospital in the following months, Fullbright also received several months of care from a local chiropractor.  In total, Fullbright alleged she incurred $48,410 in medical bills as a result of her injuries.

Plaintiff essentially alleged she was pain-free before the accident.  Investigation by Mr. Bowely revealed her prior medical records showing pre-existing chronic pain in her neck and back. Records also showed three prior car accidents in the five years before the subject accident as well a one recent industrial injury.  Plaintiff denied these prior events and injuries when deposed.

Given the significant impeachment, plaintiff’s counsel agreed to dismiss her case in exchange for Mr. Bowley’s agreement not seek recovery of the costs in defending the matter.

Congratulations to Gordon and his clients on this great result.